by Miki on March 5, 2017

The Art and Science of Breath Series

Taoist Longevity Breathing

White Crane Healing Arts will be presenting a live online qigong class on Sunday, March 26th at 11:00 AM.  This is the first class and introduction to the 9 week Qigong series that Frank Iborra will be teaching online and is FREE. Frank chose this practice because of its foundational nature to all other practices, including Tai Chi, Tao Yoga, Ba Gua, Opening the Energy Gates and other practices from this system. Frank is a licensed acupuncturist with more than 47 years experience in martial arts and internal body practices.  You can view his bio on our website at:  www.whitecranehealingarts.com

Taoist breathing is the gateway to unambiguously feeling and awakening everything inside of you.  The breath is the bridge between body and mind. Fundamentally, all illnesses have an underlying disconnect between body and mind, therefore, developing awareness of the breath helps to facilitate the reintegration of the body, mind and spirit.   As you develop the skill to go deeper into the integration process, you experience greater balance, healing and the potential for whole being.

Following are some benchmarks to take note of
in the Longevity Breathing practice:

o   Facilitating the increase of oxygen and balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body

o   Retraining the nervous system to deeply relax and awaken

o   Improving and repairing the functionality of the internal organ systems

o   Increasing and integrating the various levels of Qi which include meridian qi, wei qi, right and left channels and the central channel qi.  (Qi can be understood as a combination of energy plus consciousness plus information systems)

o   Linking the energy of your breath directly to the fluids and nerves of your body which allows your mind to penetrate deeper into your being

  Establishing the foundation of good health and peace of mind

o   Using breath as the stepping stone for Taoist meditation

Five TAO yoga postures will be included in class to support your understanding of how the breathing practice functions.
Some aspects of “Opening the Energy Gates” including body alignments will also be included.

First Class FREE – Introduction – March 26, 2017
11:00 am

Followed by 8 weekly classes
Sundays at 11:00 AM
– 50 minutes each class

Cost:  All 8 classes prepaid -$75.00
each Individual class – $12.00

Classes will be live streamed and available as recordings afterwards for review
or for those not able to attend all 8 classes.

To Register: call:  954-721-7252
(Visa, Mastercard, Discover & Amex accepted) or you can pay on Paypal
Instructions for online participation in the class will be sent when registration is completed




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