Explorations in TAO – New Class beginning Sunday, Nov. 5th.

by Miki on November 3, 2017

Hello Everyone,

The next Explorations in TAO series will begin on Sunday, Nov. 5th. and I am inviting all ongoing students who have ventured into previous series to continue their explorations into the inner workings of mind and body.  Also invited, is anyone interested in expanding their capacity to be able to feel the subtleties of consciousness and the physical realm merging together.

This series will include a dialog with everyone about integrating these practices and concepts into daily life and ordinary circumstances.  We’ll discuss how to avoid being consumed by stressors throughout the day, which can cause us to sink into a space where expression, processing and feeling can be diminished to the point of incapacity. 

In each class I review previous material and all registered students have access to previously recorded classes.  Please join us in this adventure of inner exploration and outer expression.

Classes will be live streamed.  Cost:  All 6 classes prepaid -$60.00 or each Individual class – $12.00 Recordings for the six class series will be available for $36.00 if unable to attend the online classes. 

To Register: call:  954-815-1235
Payments can be made through Paypal, checks or credit cards
  (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & Amex accepted) Instructions for online participation in the class will be sent when registration is completed

Good Journey, Frank


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