About Us

Our Journey

Blue mountains and hills under beautiful orange sunset

We had a dream of a healing center that was a refuge from worldly confusion. In 1988, there was an opportunity to hear Taoist Master Ni, Hua Ching speak at a Unitarian church. We were inspired to expand our understanding through workshops, qigong movement practices and reading books authored by Master Ni and other spiritual classics. “The Way” started to unfold and our journey began to take form.

In 1989 Frank taught a single Tai Chi class at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove and we held study groups and meetings in our tiny home which we fondly referred to as “The Bonsai Center. In the early 90’s we started giving free community lectures, taking part in health expos, and teaching Qigong classes at several martial art studios. Frank also received his Acupuncture license and we began building our private practices in Chinese Medicine and nutrition. Initially we took up residence in Hollywood, Fl. next to the Hollywood Birth Center. We were fortunate to have good friends and the space to practice, teach and grow.

Five years passed by quickly and we felt it was now time for us to create a space of our own that more closely expressed our personal energy and philosophy about healing and spirituality. We took up residence in a rather unusual office space in Plantation. The next three years were quite busy for us as our practices and movement classes evolved. We also held a number of community events, including a spring festival and autumn dinner to introduce Chinese herbs in cooking.  In 2002 we moved into the Gardens, an office complex in Tamarac. The space we found was the perfect fit for the center with a loft for teaching classes and beautiful surroundings.   The fourteen years spent in that location brought us many blessings in the form of life long friends, experiences and good fortune.

Over the last ten years we began to travel to the western North Carolina mountains.  From that first visit we fell in love with the area and saw it as a place where our dream could continue to unfold.  In this extraordinarily beautiful area, the stars are visible, fireflies light up the night and trees live long enough to acquire wisdom.  Our desire to impart knowledge and educate individuals in life skills that will facilitate good health, inner joy and a strong independent spirit has remained a constant in our lives and will remain a driving force in the immediate and far reaching future. The details are starting to become clear and , it is unfolding as it should. The seeds that were planted and nurtured over the years are germinating and growing as “the way” unveils itself.

Looking back over the last 35 years in relationships and professional practice, it’s become obvious that the personal challenges and difficult times along with the highlights, explorations and ordinary moments have created the nurturing of our own inner development. These experiences have become teachers in themselves; guiding us to a crystallization of the dream. The journey is far from over and we look forward to the roads we’ve yet to travel. We invite you to join us on “the way”. We are now in the mountains near Asheville, NC.

Our Gratitude

Many teachers and friends through their kindness, dedication and wisdom have helped us along the way. Special thanks to our spiritual friend and mentor Master Ni, Hua Ching and the Ni family. The Ni family tradition stretches back to antiquity and is expressive of the timeless message of one great universal spiritual unity. Presently we are engaged in studying practices that come from Taoist Lineage Master, Bruce Frantzis. We sincerely appreciate his depth of knowledge about the sophisticated and subtle workings of our internal being and look forward to the continued exploration of our own inner space.  Frank’s Chinese medicine practice and exploration into the extraordinary vessels has been directly influenced by Dan Nevel, over the last twenty five years.  He has been and continues to be an instructor and mentor since the beginning of our journey into Chinese Medicine and we are truly grateful for Dan’s insightful knowledge and friendship.


 Frank Iborra, AP, Dipl. AC (NCCAOM)

Frank IborraFrank is a Florida state licensed and nationally certified (NCCAOM) acupuncture physician and herbalist. His private private practice at White Crane Healing Arts spans over 25 years.  He was also senior instructor for the Qigong program. Previously he served as an advisory board member for the educational holistic program at Everglades University and has taught Chinese medical theory at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and Everglades. Frank specializes in Asian bodywork and has studied the Asian healing and movement arts for over 46 yrs. including: Qigong, Neigung, Wu Style Tai Chi, TAO Yoga, Taoist Longevity Breathing and Qigong Tui Na.

He has been intensively studying for over twelve years with Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis and is a certified instructor for Gods Playing in the Clouds, Taoist Longevity Breathing and Opening the Energy Gates.   He is also a Taoist mentor and life long student of the TAO.

Frank’s present and future endeavors in the mind/body healing arts includes online instructional qigong classes, private and group classes in the western mountain region near Asheville, North Carolina.  Frank”s unique perspective and sensitivity enhances his ability as a healer to guide students towards the path of self discovery.


Miki has over twenty five years experience in Chinese nutrition and cooking. In Florida she was licensed as a nutritional counselor. Her background and training includes eastern and Western nutritional theory, and a knowledge of Chinese therapeutic cooking. She teaches a variety of nutrition and cooking classes that clearly reflect the synthesis of the two systems. In counseling sessions and classes she guides individuals through the process of transitioning to a more wholesome diet and healthier lifestyle. She is a Taoist mentor and student of the Integral Way as taught by Hua Ching Ni and she is certified as a senior instructor for the Eight Treasures practice. She also is the primary administrator for White Crane Healing Arts.

Raymond Garner, Dipl.C.H., Dipl. Ac., RRT

Raymond Garner started his private practice at White Crane’s Florida clinic in 2003.  Over the years we came to know Ray as a sincere, reliable and close friend. We are happy to announce that Ray has taken over Frank’s practice and classes in Florida at the Tamarac location under his business title, Asian Arts of Balance.  We are confident in Ray’s abilities as a practitioner and instructor and know that patients and students are in good hands.  He is a state licensed and nationally certified Acupuncture Physician and Herbalist. He is also a state licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist. Ray has been in the medical field for over 14 years and practicing as an Acupuncturist for over 13 years. Currently, he is also on staff as an acupuncture physician at Boca Raton Community Hospital. Raymond understands that there are many ways to find your Balance in life- some use Western medicine, some use Chinese medicine, some use Qi-gong, etc. When applied correctly to the right cases, the combination of more than one of these methods can produce better results than using only one. The proper Balance in every situation produces the best outcome!   Ray also sees patients at his Boca Raton clinic.  You can check out Ray’s website at: www.AsianArtsof Balance.com