Mind/Body Self Cultivation Classes in Asheville, NC

One of the unique aspects of the Taoist healing arts is the preventative side of the healing process. In the West, the emphasis has been on the treatment modality; pharmaceutical drugs, surgical intervention and to some degree physical therapy. We have been shor-sighted in creating the context for patients to take self-responsibility by engaging in their own healing process. There is incredible empowerment denied to us when we are not encouraged to place great value in our own ability to change the way we behave. This includes how we move or not move our bodies (exercise), what we choose to nourish our bodies (nutrition) and the level of tension and conflict we create when relating to others as well as the internal aspects of our own being.

This stressful life we’ve co-created is challenging and at times abusive. It affects our nerves, senses, physical tissues, ability to think and reason as well as emotional expression. Also affected is how we relate to the world, ourselves and to each other.

The services offered at White Crane can go a long way in helping you restore the integrity of your body. This is an important step in one’s healing; but, we also encourage individuals to explore the many mind-body cultivation practices that can enhance one’s being. We believe these types of practices are integral to the healing process. These practices include: qigong, cooking, meditation & other spiritual practices such as I Ching study, invocations, observation of the energy cycles and more.


Cooking Classes are diversified, creative and fun. Emphasis is on simple preparation and each class focuses on a specific food or topic. Examples of past classes include: 5 phase energetic cooking, healthy fast foods, sushi & spring rolls, therapeutic congees and more. Ingredients used are whole, unrefined, organic and of the highest quality. Participants receive informational handouts, the recipes and hands on experience. We also get to eat and sample the dishes and have a lot of fun!


Taoist longevity breathing is an integral part of our practices and daily living. It prepares the body and mind for the journey into deep stillness. To live a meditative life is to have a greater sense of freedom. This freedom gives us the space to cope with daily stresses and worries. Benefits range from deep relaxation to profound healing. Day to day awareness releases stress, balances emotions and refreshes the mind. Meditation and longevity breathing can help you find the immortal moments in daily life.


Educating the public, patients and students on health and wellness has been a primary goal at White Crane. We love helping people and especially love sharing the knowledge we have with those seeking to better themselves in a variety of forums. Over the years we’ve offered cooking & nutrition classes, meditation & spiritual practices, natural healing with Chinese medicine & herbs and many qigong classes & workshops. Subject matter has included 5 phase cooking, Chinese astrology, Eastern & Western nutrition, 5 phase cooking, Cultures & Fermentation, Five Cloud Meditation, Herbal First Aid Workshop, TAO 101 study group and much more. We’ve held open houses, a farmer’s market, participated in conferences, acufests, expos and many other events both at the center and in the South Florida area. Many of the events are free to the public and we are always available to do lectures for established groups at no charge.

On the horizon we are planning to offer additional continuing education classes in Asheville for professionals and also a yearly retreat in North Carolina. Retreats will be organized to allow individuals to immerse themselves in the healing process. Diversified activities, and group events will give each individual a chance to find their own creativity and expression. Things learned and experienced during the retreat will be practical enough to bring back to the everyday world, geared towards waking up the inner healer and focused on renewing and refreshing the body, mind, soul and spirit.