Private Qigong Lessons Online – North Carolina & Online

There are many people, for a number of reasons that can’t or prefer not to join a class and others that may have special circumstances. In my decades of experience with patients and students, I’ve found that for those with serious health issues, including chronic illnesses, moderate to severe traumas and even issues of emotional imbalance that “one on one” instruction can create the context for a potential breakthrough to remove or release the obstacles creating stagnation, mental confusion or poor health.

Through my extensive experience, both personal and as a qigong instructor, I’ve developed the insight and sensitivity to introduce authentic qigong techniques and understanding that are tailored specifically to one’s health issues, traumas or injuries. The practices I’ve learned originate from the ancient Taoist culture and have been passed down to qigong masters that I’ve studied with directly.

Private instruction is also available to those that prefer the “one on one” context and do not have specific health issues. In this case, the goal would be to increase good health and potential longevity as a catalyst towards spiritual integration and transformation of consciousness.

Practices Offered in Asheville

Individual Instruction, Private – 60 minutes

  • 1 session ($80.00) per session
  • 3 sessions ($75.00) per session
  • 5 sessions ($70.00) per session

Semi Private – 60 minutes (2 or 3 people per session)

  • 1 session ($45.00) per person
  • 3 sessions ($40.00) per person, per session
  • 5 sessions ($35.00) per person, per session

Group Session – 60 minutes (4 or 5 people)

  • 3 sessions ($35.00) per person, per session
  • 5 sessions ($30.00) per person, per session

Registered Students of the Center

  • 1 session ½ hr. ($40.00)
  • 1 session 1 hr. ($60.00)