“Until Frank and Miki moved to N. Carolina, I routinely benefited from the treatments, information and education offered by them at White Crane.  In fact, I was a recipient of these services for over 15 years.  Frustrated with the medical community (as a nurse and patient), I found relief from my physical ailments and stressors through acupuncture, Chinese herbs and medicine such as cupping, moxa, the incredible mineral heat lamp, healing foods and recipes, quality health products, learning meditation, qigong and the basic principles of Chinese healing and more.  Trust me, it’s a hard act to follow!  Miss you guys – Vera Velez

I first met Frank in the mid 1980”s when he was teaching tai chi in Greynolds Park in south Florida.   I remember saying to him early on that I felt we would become good friends.  His response was “we will see”.  It turns out that I was correct and we have shared a friendship of more than 30 years.  Over the years Frank and Miki both have grown in their knowledge and expertise as healers and teachers.  My family and I have benefited greatly from being patients, students and friends of them both.  While I am happy that my dear friends have finally relocated to their place of choice, I will miss their presence greatly.  So in conclusion, I unreservedly commend to one and all Frank and Miki Iborra, professionally and personally. –
Arthur P. Rochlin

Having been a student and practitioner of Chinese Internal Martial Arts for many years, I found Frank Iborra’s classes to be very informative and stimulating.  His perspectives on body structure, Chi flow and breathing techniques have reinforced my practice and understanding with a greater clarity than I had previously.  I look forward to continue with him as he settles in North Carolina.  Thank-you Frank. – Bob Gugino

I want to give thanks to Frank Iborra for helping me understand more about how my body works internally with connections to the external environment.  His acupuncture treatments are beyond physical healing.  They balance my emotions resulting in a change in conscious awareness.  I am eager to participate in his future classes.  I am grateful for his dedication and giving attitude as a teacher. – Vickey Seaman


Frank’s teachings have changed my life personally.  He is an excellent teacher of balance and a talented healer of the Ancient Chinese arts.  Besides his wisdom, peace, sense of humor and charisma, his presence itself carries a special wellness power. – Diego Salazar Cely, Life Coach, Filmaker


Frank and Miki are incredibly nice and knowledgeable.  As a client I was treated very well.  Their kindness and patience shines through in their work.  Their classes and acupuncture helped me greatly.  I would still be going to them if they were still in Florida.  I highly recommend their services. – Lola Witecha