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Coming Out of the Fog & New Qigong Classes

Greetings All,

It’s spring and colors and buds are popping up everywhere!  I called this “Coming Out of the Fog” because as we are finally settling into our new home, the path forward is clearing, and many of the challenges and obstacles we encountered are behind us.  Challenges can either stunt your growth or make you stronger, especially from a spiritual perspective, but we’re up for the unforeseen circumstances and challenges ahead.  Also, spring always brings feelings of renewal, freshness and a promise of what’s to come and we intend to fully enjoy whatever is coming our way.

When we first arrived, we naively expected to rent a place for two or three months, but the housing market and bank requirements are pretty tough for buyers here.  We looked at probably 100 homes, and it wasn’t until we found this house which was built in 1955 and needed a lot of renovation, that we decided to take the challenge.  It took a crew of half a dozen workers, a contractor and Miki and I, four months to get the house move in ready.  There’s still more to do, but it’s far more doable now that we don’t have to travel close to an hour in each direction

Our home is in Hendersonville, NC, a small town just south of Asheville.  It’s a great community with a great local Food Coop, (Hendersonville Food Coop), which we’ve joined.  There is also a number of arts & crafts stores, clubs, venues etc., many apple orchards and a number of festivals held downtown on Main St.  Also, close by are state parks and a number of waterfalls. It was over a decade ago that we started visiting the mountains and as they say “the mountains were calling”; so here we are and still in love with the energy here!

We really miss all of our family, friends and students from So. FL., but hope some of you will be able to visit.  We’ve made some new friends and are looking forward to making more to expand our special family.  As our energy begins to reintergrate, we are making plans in response to what we have been dreaming of for a long time and want to create.  This includes self development classes at our home, in the community and online classes which will include CEU’s & PDA’s for the professional healer.  Following is information for upcoming classes.

Opening the Energy Gates Class begins – Saturday, April 7th. and is ongoing Gateway to the entire nei gong chigong system of mind/body development.  This class introduces students to proper breathing, physical alignments, balance, meditation and moving your body with clarity and awareness.  This is done with a goal of discovery, deep relaxation and peace in one’s life.  Class is beneficial for new students, as well as advanced practitioners. Location:  2214 Harden Circle, Hendersonville, NC 28739 ph. 954-815-1235 Class Fee:  $10.00 per class

Explorations in TAO (livestream) Class Resumes – Sunday, April 8th, April 15th & April 22nd, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm This class was previously cancelled when I became busy with the house renovations.  There are 3 classes left in this series.  We will complete this set and continue from there. This class explores the many layers of mind/body/spirit & self-development as taught by Bruce Frantzis.  Explorations include wisdom readings from the ancients, discussions on meditation, opening of consciousness and actual practices, to reveal patterns of old calcified emotions, thinking patterns and body disconnections that distort our true nature and path to our full potential.  Students of all levels of development are welcome.  The only requirements are curiosity and the intent to delve into your inner world. Class Fee for those that have not previously paid – $12.00 per class We will be using The ZOOM App & I will send the ID to join in to all registered students

Upcoming – Two more classes will be starting shortly.  Wu Style Tai Chi and a Seniors class for those 55 and and older.  More information will be sent when there is a date, time & location.

Good Journey, Frank

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