Chinese Medicine Services


Acupuncture is over 5000 years old and is a time tested healing modality originating from the far East.  Each individual will experience acupuncture on a personal level and what one feels depends on their own state of being and level of sensitivity.  It’s common to feel a sensation of warmth, tingling or traveling Qi (energy) when the needles are inserted; and many experience a profound sense of relaxation and well being or possibly increased energy.  Acupuncture treats the whole being which includes body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Acupuncture points are located in the small depressions or hollows in the skin called gates.  Thru these gates, one can access the internal streams and rivers of energy that transport Qi and blood.  Qi and blood give sustenance to the interaction and cohesion of mind, body and spirit.  Fundamentally, illness manifests when Qi, Blood and Fluids are either blocked, depleted or imbalanced, which diminishes its healthy coherence to the point of dysfunction or eventually illness. Acupuncture can reorganize this dynamic by opening, closing or harmonizing the flows within the rivers and streams (channels).

Meridians, Channels the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

In the realm of acupuncture, the most common energetic pathways used are the 12 meridians or regular channels.  These meridians connect to the yin and yang organ systems of the body.  This system is generally emphasized in Chinese medical schools, however there are other energy channels that are equally valuable, known as the 8 extraordinary vessels.

I had the good fortune and opportunity twenty years ago to study this system in school.  My instructor was then and still is Dan Nevel.  He studied the prevailing knowledge of the extraordinary vessels and evolved a system that was primarily used originally in a somatic (physical) context and developed a new way to balance non-somatic issues or psychological issues.  This has practical application.  Some examples would be, helping individuals to manifest their potential in the real world; helping someone that is experiencing an emotional situation (good or bad), to feel or express it  and one more example would be helping someone that is constantly discharging energy to store energy in order to have a sense of cohesion.  Our inner world of feelings and emotions are constantly challenged in an increasingly complicated world which prevents our neurological system from processing the incoming data that seems to be coming at us at an increasingly faster pace.

The 8 extraordinary vessel  system is a way to harmonize and heal our mind, body and spirit.  It broadens our ability to effect change on multiple levels, so we can expand the true nature of whole being.

All hygienic precautions are observed and only sterilized disposable needles are used. 

Qigong Tui Na Massage

The Chinese, like many other ancient cultures identified the living energetic aspects of our being. The Chinese called the energy system that runs close to the surface of the body and has an outward to inward flow, meridians. There are also right, left and central channels which are located below the surface and have an inward to outward flow. These energy pathways feed into and connect to the organ systems to create health when they are open and flowing. When compromised or congested, they reflect pathological organ disturbances.

Acupuncture and various forms of qigong exercise allow access to the meridians. These therapies release or redistribute any weakness or congestion within the meridian pathways to create better function and balance. Long term health depends on smooth flow and coherence within the transmission lines of Blood, Qi (vital life force) and Fluids.

Qigong Tui Na therapy is a special branch of Chinese medicine that is not as well known as acupuncture or other forms of Chinese therapies in the west. Tui Na works mainly with the pre-natal energies of the right, left and central channels which are formed within the original fertile egg. The meridians are formed later during fetal development. This process of working with the natural energies within the body helps it to adapt to the natural energetic surroundings in which it exists. Qigong Tui Na helps to reconnect, coordinate and bring the body back to its original balance.

There are many systems of chi gung that have flourished in the Chinese Culture. At White Crane, we specifically study and use the Taoist healing system that dates back thousands of years to ancient China. This system contains both self healing practices and skills that can be learned and cultivated by the practitioner to treat others. The nature of this healing practice naturally develops a level of sensitivity and deeper understanding of the energetic anatomy of the body for both practitioner and patient.

Life is full of distractions, stress and behavior patterns that contribute to a poor state of health and premature aging, making it difficult to maintain stability. This is especially true if your energy is compromised with serious illness, physical injuries or trauma. When this situation arises, a professional could directly intervene to locate and resolve long time blockages, chronic illnesses that never seem to improve, degenerative diseases, and injuries that keep the body from recuperating fully. Part of this process is the assessment of physical misalignments, tissue blockages, stress, pain and emotional constrictions. Once the underlying problem(s) are discovered, the practitioner can clearly and directly access the area to begin releasing the energy that is blocked.

This type of bodywork is quite subtle and sophisticated. It’s derived from the “internal” qigong school and should not be confused with traditional Tui Na bodywork. It includes gentle massage, gentle shaking, vibrating and pulsing of the joints, cavities and tissues. While this process is unfolding, the patient also learns how to feel and access the blocked areas. The clear intention of the practitioner and patient; the quiet breathing and the use of the dissolving and releasing skills helps the patient to reconnect with the natural energetic flow of the body.

This ability to feel and release is a natural capacity for all humans that has been neglected because we simply prioritize other types of learning. The Taoist healers in China that have been doing this work for thousands of years have used that natural human capacity to be truly intuitive, aware and sensitive to the depth of human feeling. Even a small amount of our ability to heal ourselves is useful for living a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Chi Gung Bodywork is one of the services offered at the center. I’ve used these techniques alone and in conjunction with other therapies and practitioners of both eastern and western medicine. I’ve had success with chronic illness, moderate to very severe injuries (including spinal injuries) and illnesses and trauma that damage nerves.

A Free 15 minute consultation can be scheduled if you have specific questions or you can call the office to schedule a first time consultation, assessment and treatment.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

The use of herbs in China dates back thousands of years and there is an extensive materia medica that has been compiled over the centuries.  Chinese Herbal Therapy is used to supplement and direct the body’s own healing energy to improve its physiological functions. Herbs can enhance the efficiency of digestion, metabolism and circulation.  This helps to balance the vital functions of the body and to create a healthy and harmonious internal environment.  Chinese Herbs can be purchased in whole, powder or liquid extract form, and also in patent (over the counter) remedies that come in capsules or pill form.   There are also external patches, poultices, linaments and lotions for injuries, infections, and first aid needs such as bug bites or toxic plants.  Herbs can be used in conjunction with eastern or western therapies.

Massage Therapy

MASSAGE can be the simplest and most direct method of healing. It can have profound effects on the nervous system, immunity and the relaxation of tense muscles. Massage will improve the flow of blood circulation, carrying nutrients to the cells and assisting in the removal of metabolic wastes. It will also increase the flow of lymph, strengthening the body’s natural immune system. Massage Therapy can help to alleviate headaches, backaches, neck pain and eyestrain due to stress. In addition, it can promote better sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and provide a general feeling of well being. Various types of massage are available at White Crane. The massage therapist will discuss your particular needs and suggest the best technique.


Dietary Guidance is provided to all patients as a part of their overall health plan. Eastern and Western nutritional approaches are combined to educate individuals from all vantage points. Guidance includes helping the client to understand the body’s nutrient needs, nutrient content in foods, the energetic influence of food and personal energy balance.  Practical application includes learning how to stock your pantry and how to make the best choices whether preparing meals at home or eating out. Clients are always encouraged to follow up with questions, comments and observations.  For those with specific needs such as weight management, heart disease or other illnesses, a consultation can be scheduled with the nutritional counselor. Specific guidance, informational charts, recipes and follow-up support are provided.