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Chinese Nutritional Guidance & Cooking

Chinese Nutritional Guidance & Cooking

In western medicine and nutrition, our bodies and food are understood by their component parts.  Science isolates and studies each part to learn how to treat the individual or how to put together a healthy diet.  While this information is valuable, it’s not always complete or effective for treating an illness or creating health. In eastern medicine and nutrition each individual is seen as a whole and treated as the unique individual they are. Food is viewed by its energetic influences on the body.    For example, inside our bodies exists an environment that the Chinese describe in terms similar to the outside.  An individual can be hot or cold, damp or dry, excess or deficient.  Food can be warming or cooling, drying or moistening, supplementing or draining.

Practical application of this system includes learning how to stock your pantry, making the best choices when eating out and understanding how to include food grade herbs in cooking to enhance the positive energetic influence in your diet.  Classes always include educational material, informational charts & lists and recipes with step by step instruction.

Your Nutritional Plan

Dietary Guidance is provided to all patients as a part of their overall health plan.

Eastern and Western nutritional approaches are combined to educate individuals from all vantage points. Guidance includes helping the client to understand the body’s nutrient needs, nutrient content in foods, the energetic influence of food and personal energy balance. 


Practical application includes learning how to stock your pantry and how to make the best choices whether preparing meals at home or eating out. Clients are always encouraged to follow up with questions, comments and observations. For those with specific needs such as weight management, heart disease or other illnesses, a consultation can be scheduled with the nutritional counselor. Specific guidance, informational charts, recipes and follow-up support are provided.

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