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Qigong Classes

Saturday Morning Nei Gung Qigong Classes

Opening the Energy Gates - 10:30 am every Saturday

Twin Wings of the White Crane - 11:30 am every Saturday

One of the unique aspects of the Taoist healing arts is the preventative side of the healing process. In the West, the emphasis has been on the treatment modality; pharmaceutical drugs, surgical intervention and to some degree physical therapy. We have been short-sighted in creating the context for patients to take self-responsibility by engaging in their own healing process. There is incredible empowerment denied to us when we are not encouraged to place great value in our own ability to change the way we behave. This includes how we move or not move our bodies (exercise), what we choose to nourish our bodies (nutrition) and the level of tension and conflict we create when relating to others as well as the internal aspects of our own being.

This stressful life we’ve co-created is challenging and at times abusive. It affects our nerves, senses, physical tissues, ability to think and reason as well as emotional expression. Also affected is how we relate to the world, ourselves and to each other.

The services offered at White Crane can go a long way in helping you restore the integrity of your body. This is an important step in one’s healing; but, we also encourage individuals to explore the many mind-body cultivation practices that can enhance one’s being. We believe these types of practices are integral to the healing process. These practices include: qigong, cooking, meditation & other spiritual practices such as I Ching study, invocations, observation of the energy cycles and more.

What is Qi?

Many ancient cultures have had a concept of energy which goes by different names, (Ki, prana, pnema, etc.).  In the Taoist tradition it is known as Qi. Qi is life force in the most simplistic terms a combination of consciousness, information and energy.  This is the energy that creates, sustains and protects our physical body, consciousness and spirit.

What is Qigong

Qigong means “energy work”.  It is the practice of learning to control your life force using your breath, mind and movement.  These practices have an internal and external aspect.  The practices I teach are mainly from the internal school, known as “Nei Gung”.  This system has been developing over several thousand years and has proven itself to be beneficial for chronic health issues, traumas, poor circulation, back problems and to help alleviate enormous stress and anxiety.

It is a complete system of personal development which encompasses three levels.  In the beginning stages, the emphasis is on the body and the energy that moves through the body.  As one progresses, the perspective of Qi as information is added on.  Qi contains data and knowledge in the form of functional energetic blueprints that link all the body’s systems.

Call to learn more & sign up: 954.815.1235
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