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Chinese Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbal Therapy

The use of herbs in China dates back thousands of years and there is an extensive materia medica that has been compiled over the centuries.  Herbal therapy is used to supplement and direct the body’s healing energy to improve it physiological functions. Herbs can enhance the efficiency of digestion, metabolism and circulation to balance the energy of the body and create a healthy and harmonious internal environment.  Chinese herbs are prepared in many forms including:  decoctions (teas), powders, liquid extracts, pills and capsules.  For external use:  patches, poultices, liniments and lotions are available for traumas & injuries as well as first aid use for infections, bug bites and toxicity from plants, such as poison ivy.  Herbs can be used effectively with Eastern or Western therapies.  To learn more, see the blog post:  “Do You Have An Herb For?”.


Your Herbal Appointment

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