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NSEV Acupuncture & The 8 Extraordinary Vessels
(Primal Oceans)

Meridians, Channels &
The 8 Extraordinary Vessels (Primal Oceans)


In the realm of acupuncture, the most common energetic pathways used are the 12 meridians or regular channels.  Metaphorically, these are the rivers and streams of life energy that connect and harmonize the yin and yang organ systems of the body.  This system is generally emphasized in Chinese acupuncture schools; however, these meridians originate from the primal oceans of energy called the eight extraordinary vessels.  Being the original source of everything, the eight extraordinary vessels tend to operate at a basic human functionary level which is at the root of the human condition.

I had the good fortune and opportunity thirty years ago to study this system in school.  My instructor was then and still is Dan Nevel, the founder of NSEV.  He studied the prevailing knowledge of the extraordinary vessels and from this system that was primarily used in a somatic (physical) context, he shifted the focus to the more subtler aspects of our nature, which includes: cognition, sensory experience, imagination, emotions, feeling etc.  Out of this shift in perspective, the non-somatic extraordinary vessel system evolved.  This method of treating and preventing disease integrates body, mind and spirit. This treatment modality addresses life affirming functions, as well as symptoms.  As practitioners of NSEV we work with a broad spectrum of illnesses (physical and emotional) to alleviate pain and imbalance by harmonizing the extraordinary vessels.  This is done by using a variety of techniques including acupuncture (with or without needles), moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, herbal formulations, elixirs and a variety of cultivation exercises (breathing, internal movement, mediation).  The eight extraordinary vessels are the primordial field and pathways that allow optimum wellness and promote healthy relationships within ourselves and the world.

Our inner world of feelings and emotions are constantly challenged in an increasingly complicated world which prevents our neurological system from processing the incoming data that seems to be coming at us at an increasingly faster pace.  The Eight Extraordinary Vessel system broadens our ability to effect change on multiple levels, so we can realize the true nature of whole being.

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All hygienic precautions are observed and only sterilized disposable needles are used.

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