Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Qigong Classes, Self Cultivation Practices & Nutrition

Welcome to White Crane.  Our holistic approach  to healing at the center includes educational material and guidance to actualize positive change at the core level of one’s being.  We are committed to being responsive to the needs, comforts, and concerns of our patients; and to providing a nurturing and healing environment. This includes educational material and information to help you make intelligent choices regarding your health. Offered also are a variety of qigong classes, cooking classes, nutrition classes and workshops in the Taoist arts for self development and healing.

Our Services include:

New Patients!
You can schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation in person, by phone or Skype
to meet the practitioner,
ask questions and learn how Chinese Medicine and the Internal Movement Arts can assist you in the healing process

Our store carries a variety of Chinese Herbal Remedies including:
Chinese patent formulas, External Linaments, Lotions & Hot & Cold Patches, Whole Chinese herbs for cooking, Pediatric Remedies, Herbal Liquid Extracts and Powder Remedies,. 
We also carry Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Shoyeido Incense, Herbal Teas and more! 

You’re welcome to stop by to browse or call us for more information.