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The dream of moving to Asheville, North Carolina has finally happened!

We have been planning this move for a very long time. This is an exciting time for us, but there is much work to do. We are in the process of organizing our lives and updating our website to reflect the changes in our services and products from Asheville, NC. We will be making frequent updates to the site over the next few months, so please keep checking our website to see our exciting new changes. 

Frank is presently offering private & group qigong sessions online:

  • Wu style short form tai chi
  • TAO yoga
  • longevity breathing
  • Opening the Energy Gates

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Who Are the Taoists and What is the TAO?

The teachings of the TAO originated in prehistoric times, within the area of China, deep in the pristine forest and mountains where the natural flow of energy was whole, balanced and undisturbed.In this environment nature and man evolved as an integral part of the whole macrocosm.  The subtle law contained in Nature was discovered to be the truth of our own being.  Separating ourselves from Nature creates misfortune, while integration creates a positive stable life.

An ordinary life that experiences the extraordinary in the universe, in each moment and in each being is a life that is truly blessed.  This is the way of TAO; known also as the straight path.  The straight path is a way to live simply and free of unnecessary distractions to discover your true potential for health, creativity and happiness.

Embarking on the way isn’t about adding more activities, work or intellectual information; rather, it’s about letting go and learning to view the world from a childlike perspective again which creates curiosity and wonder.  A seed sprouting, a child laughing or the intricate patterns of nature appear new, as if being seen for the first time; however, this time your perspective includes wisdom garnered from the experience of a lifetime or many lifetimes.  An awakened human is an awakened spirit and Spirit creates, informs, animates and connects all life.

Our educational approach is direct as compared to the general religious and educational systems of our society.  Experientially engaging ourselves with life energy through self-cultivation, we rediscover the natural reality of mind, body and spirit.  This knowledge is a living energetic system.



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