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Four Seasons in the Appalachians, Western North Carolina

Saturday Morning Nei Gung Qigong Classes

Opening the Energy Gates - 10:30 am

Twin Wings of the White Crane - 11:30 am

Living our Dream in the Mountains

Each day in this environment brings renewed inspiration.  With most of the hard labor behind,

we are now focusing on a vegetable garden, new classes, making new friends and becoming familiar with the resources in this area.  I love walking on my property and discovering new plants, flowers, trees budding and little areas to create for meditation. For us, the mountains are a magical and spiritually grounding place.  We look forward to sharing our experience on all levels with students, friends and family.  We hope you can visit soon!

The endless, cascading mountains of Zhangjiajie comprised of many rows of rock walls._edit

Who Are the Taoists
& What is the TAO?

Our Location

2214 Harden Circle,
Hendersonville, NC 28739


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