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Primal Memories

Primal Memories

There are so many reasons to grow a garden.  It is a nurturing pastime activity that yields fresh, healthy food, which confers abundant Qi and inner joy to the human body.  It can also be a deep journey into what the Taoists call the primordial ocean of the “Ren”.  The Ren is one of the eight extraordinary vessels in Chinese Medicine.

The Ren is the Great Mother, that represents the universal feminine principle and the essence of mothering.  The ren is the potential to nourish oneself, and everything in the universe.  It is the ocean of quiescence and pure love, as well as the energy of merging and interconnectedness.

When you engage and play in your garden, you return to the earth, and the feeling of being truly present and at home.  What words are completely incapable of imparting is the feeling of the wind caressing each being as it flows thru the forest with a rhythmic swaying of leaves and branches.  The cacaophony of birds singing within the silence, evokes a remembrance of timeless presence.  As the stream of morning light rises over the mountains and trees; it slowly illuminates my awareness.  The feeling of home, in its deepest sense, penetrates my being in places I have never known.

Good Journey, Frank

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