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Spring, Green and Singing Birds

Hello Everyone,

It's May and Spring is fully expressing itself. The birds are busy doing their spring activities, looking for partners, procreating and eating their fill with all the new growth returning. It seems their singing is even more prominent and melodious than I can recall. New growth and blooms change the landscape continuously as the ground warms. I am reminded of Natures internal sense of time, as our perception shifts from linear thinking to a cyclic pattern of time. The seasons in the mountains are well defined and illuminate the deeper meaning of the flows of nature. I can feel my being slowly opening up from winter’s slumber to an awakened state of new beginnings. With Covid more or less behind us; Miki and I are slowly returning to activities that inspire and nurture us, and we hope to share some of those experiences and inspiration with everyone.

Developing a food forest has always been a dream of ours and is one of the reasons we moved to western N. Carolina. Presently, our garden, which we have been working on for several years is generating an abundance of delicious organic food. We are enjoying farm to table, or in our case, garden to table. The whole cycle from sprouting seeds, planting, harvesting, food preparation, cooking and breaking bread with friends and family is deeply satisfying; especially since our immediate family, including our grandsons, have all moved very near to us. We have been sharing the enjoyment of the garden’s bounty at family celebrations that feel like sacred rituals of joy and gratitude.

Essential to our well being also has been the cultivation of personal energy which has become integral to our lives over the past half century. These practices have helped us to achieve some clarity and balance in our own lives and have been the inspiration for us to share and teach these practices to others, as a way to maintain health and peace for mind, body and spirit. Even in the midst of this collective life of mere craziness, (which I call mass psychosis), with confusion and emotional turmoil, that seems more ramped up than I can ever remember; (It is a Tiger Year), finding moments to quietly connect to spirit and to enjoy family and friends and community gatherings is more important than ever.

Qigong classes will be continuing every Saturday morning and will expand to include a new class for beginners. The beginner’s class, which is an introduction to the entire nei gong system of personal cultivation is called “Opening the Energy Gates”. The second class, Twin Wings of the White Crane”, which I’m presently teaching, will continue immediately after the beginner’s class. Both classes are taught online and in house, and there is a detailed explanation on the website under “class descriptions”. Use the following link to go there directly.

Be Well,

Frank & Miki

May 2022


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