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Spring 2020

In the midst of this present reality, we also have a worldwide pandemic, with real health consequences both physically and psychically. Gardening is helping me to “ride the dragon” of this moment. With cultivation and activities that balance and integrate my being, I’m able to navigate through all the challenges.

One of the most elemental cultivations is gardening. We live in zone 7 in WNC and consequently we can grow an enormous variety of vegetables and fruits.

Last year I constructed a home-made light box which has proven invaluable. I filled the box to the brim to sprout seedlings.

Over the holidays, Miki gave me seed storage boxes to organize my previously unorganized collection. Last year I had seeds in odd sized bottles, plastic bags, paper envelopes and crumbled pieces of paper located in different areas. My suggestion is to organize your seeds early on, especially if you plan to save seeds.

Next time I’ll tell you a story and lesson about saving seeds. Good journey to everyone.

PS – You can check out our online Qigong and meditation classes

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