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4714 – Year of the Yin Fire Rooster

Chinese New Year, 4714– Time to Wake Up Year of the Yin Fire Rooster

Illustration of rising Phoenix against red dark background as symbol of rebirth

The phoenix, which is considered a more spiritual translation of the rooster seems especially appropriate this year because it symbolizes the potential for personal evolution and global transformation. The second new moon after the winter solstice was on Saturday, January 28, 2017. This was the first day of the Year of the Yin Fire Phoenix and I for one am glad to see the Yang Fire Monkey year end; although this year could prove to be just as challenging. By observing and understanding the energetic dynamics of each year, we can come to some likely conclusions or better yet, solutions.

So, let’s look at the elements and their meanings for 2017. While Yang fire can be brilliant or scorching, yin fire can be glowing or stifling; so, how this year unfolds remains to be seen. The fixed element for the rooster is yin metal. Yin metal symbolizes transformation and change, or constraint and oppression. In other words we have the opportunity to collectively expand our awareness or build a wall; engage in a war or start a revolution.

Fire is considered the controlling element to metal in Taoist Chinese understanding of the five elements, therefore, Fire has the ability to control and restrain metal tendencies. This could be positive or negative, depending on the situation and relative prevailing conditions at any given time. Overall it feels like we’ve come to a historical vortex to me. Actions create awareness and thoughts create form, so as we move forward into the rooster year, we should keep the positive aspects of the Rooster in mind.

The Rooster is the tenth animal in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. It is associated with the sun and has been looked at as a giver of light throughout history. The rooster was used in sacrificial ceremonies in the Christian, Jewish, Chinese, Sumerian, Taoist and many other ancient cultures because it was thought to take on the sins of man or to exorcise evil spirits. Many Christian churches still have rooster weathervanes on the church roof, which Initially was used as a call to prayer. Roosters crow at the crack of dawn to herald the day and announce that it’s time to wake up and get to work!

The Yin Fire Rooster symbolizes leadership, optimism, confidence, honesty, straight forwardness, resilience, direct communication, alertness, precision, loyalty, hard work, family values, fastidiousness, pride and tenacity. Rooster people make great leaders because they work just as hard or harder as those they are leading. They are socially active and love to be the center of attention. They are cultured, refined, organized, motivated and meticulous dressers. They love to make fashion statements, learn new things to inspire others and they are natural teachers. They can seem aloof and cold until you warm up to them, but if you have a rooster friend, they’ll be your friend for life. If they’re energy is not balanced they can exhibit the following negative traits: opinionated, demanding, pompous at times and overly dramatic or intense. They could also be overly critical or gullible and become easily discouraged when a failure occurs.

The heart and lung organ systems in the body correspond to the vibrational patterns of fire and metal. The yin aspects relate more to substance whereas the yang aspects are more function, so this year be especially mindful of imbalances of fluids, blood or energy, particularly in the heart and lung. Issues include: circulation, congestion, deficiencies, stagnation, immunity. Keep emotions in check (especially fear and depression or even excessive joy) by including meditative practices that work for you. Eat a balanced diet to improve stamina and overall health. Omit or limit refined sugar, refined grains or carbs and fake food in general. Include the bitter taste (dandelion, asparagus, spinach & most greens) for the heart and pungent (garlic, onions, leeks, ginger, turmeric, mints etc.) for the lung.

The best careers for a rooster would involve anything in communication, creativity or a career where they can strut their stuff. They are energetic people and most often build their own careers since they don’t like being told to do things. They make great debaters, designers, diplomats or sportsmen. With the Yin fire influence they could also be drawn to a spiritual career or cause. The most compatible signs with the rooster are the Ox and the Snake. They share similar natures and views. Least compatible are the rabbit, sheep or another rooster.

So, this year should prove to be a powerful one. The phoenix is continually reborn from the ashes (remember Dumbledorf’s phoenix in the Harry Potter movies) to create new life. The intensity of the already intense rooster will be multiplied by the Yin Fire element. It will be a year of productivity, focus and drive, as well as controversy. It’s an excellent year to take on a challenge, work through conflicts, apply disciplined strategies, progressive agendas and fearless action. Individuals and groups that work hard this year will see results if they remain clear about their intentions, stay organized, stick to proven paths and make sure that all actions are thoroughly thought through. The phoenix energy is a wake up call – how will we respond!

Gun Hei Fat Choi! Happy and Healthy New Year!

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