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Aging With Energy

FREE 90 minute Workshop

This workshop will explain how Qigong, for the over 50 crowd, can dramatically rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. These time-tested movements that have been practiced for over a thousand years, have proven to enhance one’s vitality and to increase one’s life span in a harmoniously, healthy process. 

Following are some of the benefits:

  1. Increases physical balance

  2. Regulates and lowers blood pressure

  3. Improves circulation

  4. Promotes calm and sleep

  5. Reestablishes biomechanical alignments

  6. Restores sexual vitality

  7. Improves memory and brain functions

  8. Increases functional independence

Students will be introduced to several short movement practices with the goal of motivating and inspiring individuals to include these movements into a daily practice.  Consistent practice can transform the conventional view and disharmonious patterns of aging into healthier, creative and joyous energies.

Frank Iborra is an Acupuncture Physician & certified Qigong Nei gung instructor with over 47 yrs. experience Frank’s experience & unique perspective has helped him develop the skills to guide students towards their own self-discovery and healing

Date:  Wednesday, November 7th Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Location:  Hendersonville Community Coop Pre-Registration Required: 828–693-0505 ext.102 – Class size limited   More Info:  954-815-1235 email:

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