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Earth Whispers of Spring

Winter is letting go and spring is ascending. It’s a wonder to see new life in every corner of the garden. Budding leaves and flowers are changing the landscape into new beginnings and a hint of things to come. In a few weeks the garden will be transformed into a kaleidoscope of delicate colors and textures. One’s sense of smell will awaken to memories as old as the stream meandering along the back our property. Where it comes from and where it goes is still a mystery to me.

The red maples are blooming red flowers that beckon the bees and butterflies. I just learned a few days ago that the purple and white tiny violets growing over the ground are edible. They are beckoning me, as are the vegetables that magically survived a harsh winter. They are still providing nourishment for me and Miki.

This kind of spring transformation is still new to me and I’m grateful for the experience. These experiences regenerate my soul in ways that are unexpected. It’s best to be patient and let things effortlessly unfold. Much can be revealed as the unknown dances with the known.

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