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Is Your Journey Inwardly Unfolding?

Wherever I go and commune with nature, the beauty of a flowering tree or plant always slows me down to appreciate the moment. Sometimes I sit in silence and other times I see a synchronicity in nature’s bounty that brings up thoughts and feelings. The flowers remind me of the value of our own inward flowering.

Our careers, jobs, social interactions, various degrees and educational diplomas could at some level be considered a kind of flowering, but are these outward manifestations indicative of maturing and evolving? Sometimes flowering is simply about letting go of old habits, comforts and calcified identities that we can cling to for a life time.

Ask yourself with great sincerity, am I flowering inwardly? If your life experience lacks joy and inspiration, you need to visit the place inside you where limitless possibilities exist. Your inward exploration can begin with silence, breathing and meditation. When you feel stuck in your journey, go deeper into your being.

Good Journey, Frank


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