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Meditation and Qi Development from the Inside Out – Taoist Longevity Breathing Yoga

In my youth, I studied martial arts for a little over 15 years.  This was a very Yang natured movement art which tore my body up quite often.  Back then I would do Hatha Yoga postures to calm my energy down.  It wasn’t until I met the Ni family in the 1980’s, that I would be introduced to the Chinese version of yoga called Dao-In, (pronounced dao-een).

This body/mind practice was at the opposite end of hard core marital arts.  It is the essence of what Taoists call “doing non-doing” or natural action.  The 70% principle in the water school of Taoism, as taught by Bruce Frantzis, is also an example of “doing non-doing”.  Although these principles underlie all actions that align with the natural flow of nature, they can easily be embodied within the Taoist Yoga practice.

These movements come out of the internal energetic schools that have flourished since ancient China and still thrive in various places; although it can be difficult to find this knowledge in its deepest and integrated form.  Those of us seeking this knowledge are fortunate, in that one such teacher, Bruce Frantzis, has kept these principles within the movement arts to serve as a guiding post for better health of mind, body and spirit.

Over the following months I will explain some of the principles of the inner workings of this yoga in a series of Blog Posts.  I’ll explain how it is different and similar, to Indian Yoga.  Also, in the coming months, I will be teaching live and possibly online classes in Longevity Breathing Yoga.  A few months ago I was certified as a continuing education provider by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).  This means that in future classes, I will be able to offer professional development education credits when approved.  Stay Tuned!

Following is a video of some Energy

Arts students practicing TAO YOGA.


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