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Message from Frank for Qigong & Tai Chi Students

Hi Everyone,

I want to express my gratitude to the new and experienced students that are attending the ongoing Qigong classes here in Hendersonville.  It’s a great joy to be living in the mountains and to have the opportunity to share the great wisdom that has evolved over thousands of years from ancient China.

This wisdom includes the inseparable oneness of all things.  The many components that make up a human include the spiritual and physical realms.  In the physical realm, Taoist’s believe that the human body houses the spirit and therefore, keeping the body in the healthiest physical form clears the path for spiritual advancement.  Our bodies are of nature; and observance of nature and her daily examples confers great knowledge and wisdom for evolutionary growth. 

Letting go and dissolving the blockages within us that prevent us from experiencing ourselves as whole beings is a great gift.  Learning to do this is an essential part of our practice.  All that’s required is discipline and clear intent; to tap into the mind. The difficulty will lessen with time, and the body will begin to awaken.  In this process the body starts to remember the correct energy flow and eventually this function becomes more natural.

In this chaotic and complicated time, our minds easily become consumed with intellectual, emotional and superficial thoughts.  These practices train us to create an empty (peaceful) and free place within.  Looking forward to continuing this journey with all of you.

Good Journey, Frank

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