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Nei Gung – The Heart of Taoist Energy Practices by Frank Iborra

In the west, the practice of qigong and tai chi are often seen as the oriental way of doing physical movements or as a type of dance therapy.  In China, for many generations, the full potential of qigong has been realized through the practice of nei  gung, which pre-dates the more widely practiced and better known  qigong.

As we reach for different paradigms to explore and understand the nature of mind and body relationships; nei gung initially offers an intellectual understanding of the details within the bio mechanical framework and secondly it requires that you experience these relationships and connections in your body and whole being.

The majority of people are numb to the reality of the body’s functioning of the organs, tissues, the flow of spinal fluids and so on; that define our health and well being.   In the process of awakening Qi, your body will wake up in stages.  Feeling the different aspects of the inner workings of the body creates the opportunity for the mind to exert its influence to change and balance this dynamic interplay. As you regain sensations, the body becomes extraordinarily alive and the quality of life is immeasurably improved. 

You can watch a video of “Gods Playing in the Clouds” qigong on You Tube. 

New classes begin Sunday, Nov. 10th.  Check the class schedule under “Qigong Classes” for details.

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