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New Moon Dissolving

Emptying sets the stage for new beginnings.  Within the flow of life, today marks the cycle of the new moon & another new beginning.  We won’t see moonlight this evening, but we can take advantage of the darkness to see more stars.  This is a good time to reset your constant conscious stream of thoughts.  It’s human nature to accumulate, gather and hold onto much of the “stuff” that comes across our awareness.  Without a regular cleansing or dissolving of essentially everything that makes up our self-centered world, we can sometimes get lost, and lose our good intentions. 

We place great importance in our thoughts, memories and day to day activities; but all these things are mere fragments of the whole.  When you feel overwhelmed, or just dull and uninspired, there is no space in your being.  Our deepest nature is an embodied space of infinite qualities.  As an idea, this is a very attractive thought; but to move beyond your thoughts to experience this vast, empty space of freedom, you need to purify and dissolve everything, every day.  Although this process can be done anytime, the new moon cycle is especially beneficial.    

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