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Smooth Transitions – Autumn Equinox

Hello Everyone, Today marks the Autumn Equinox. For a moment the sun will be directly over the equator on its trek south. It is officially the end of summer and the beginning of a new phase (Autumn) growing in its place. The most obvious change in Florida is the light (later sunrises and earlier sunsets). There will also be a barely noticeable shift in temperature here; while in the north, temperatures are already dropping and the environment and people are feeling its effect. The more northern areas will also soon be displaying an incredible collage of colors, as the trees transform their energy into their roots dropping their leaves to fall to the ground.

Another level of understanding is the cyclic phases of yin and yang. The equinox signals a shift from yang (spring, summer) to yin (fall, winter). As of today, yin is growing and yang is contracting. Yin embodies the power of restraint, separation and refinement. The ancient adage of “As above, so below”, has numerous meanings and expresses the energetic quality for our internal environment as well as the external environment in which we exist.

As the leaves decay and fall to the ground (metal, contracting), they transform by becoming the nutrients for a fertile soil (water, withdrawn). Like the leaves, humans need to prepare themselves for this cyclic transformation by doing activities that are more quiescent, nurturing and building to the body’s structure, fluids and spirit. This will allow the storage of energy in the kidneys (the body’s root) and this energy will then be available when the expansive cycles of spring (wood) and summer (fire) return. This is also the time to release and let go of all that is unnecessary in your life and to honor the reality of meaningful separations. Each closure, change or death is the opening for infinite possibilities of growth.

If you have not created a niche in your life for quiet sitting, this is a good time to start. There is a space in your mind and body that has no borders and consequently no center. To discover this is to realize spiritual freedom and what underlies a spiritual life. In closing I wish everyone a smooth and harmonious transition.

Good Journey, Frank

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