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Taoist Longevity Breathing – Mountain Retreat

When: Oct. 18th 19th 20th

This Fall, begin your journey or take it to the next level of Qi development in the Taoist Water method, created by Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis. The Longevity Breathing practice is an introduction to this broad and comprehensive system, which increases access to your own body’s energy and the wonders therein. This simple but profound practice is taught in carefully coordinated step-by-step increments. You will learn the principles of Taoist Longevity Breathing that enhance your ability to feel and circulate the energy in your body.

Whole body breathing dramatically improves health, reverses the effects of aging and profoundly reconnects you to your spiritual potential. This process heals core physical dysfunctions in the organs, glands, nerves, spine and brain. It facilitates deep calm in your being in ways that can seem foreign to our modern way of life.

For millennia, Eastern healers, shamans, and Master practitioners have explored, researched and developed the capacity to harness the real power of Qi or life force. The Taoists were the original cosmic scientists of ancient China, exploring and experiencing the natural forces of Nature. Out of this experience grew the internal schools of self-development and self cultivation. These schools encompassed everything from cosmology, herbal studies, astrology, acupuncture, qigong practices like tai chi and so much more.

All Qigong practices grew out of the original mind-body practices called Nei Gung, which means internal power. Therefore, Nei Gung is considered the parent of Qigong. Schools that teach Nei gung are difficult to find in the west and rarely taught to the fullest extent. The material being taught over the weekend is a time tested method for developing practical skills and awareness in every day life, as well as in practice. The beautiful landscape and full moon will provide the inspirational environment for learning this powerful practice of breathing gently and deeply through the belly, as natural as a newborn. TAO Yoga postures and other simple movement practices will be taught to assist you in evolving your awareness of breath in movement.

This material will be presented in two tracks; one track for students with no prior experience and track two for those that have studied the longevity breathing before. You will learn the material individually and also work in groups and pairs.

Course Instructor:

Frank Iborra is a Florida licensed and nationally certified (NCCAOM) doctor of Oriental Medicine. He has studied the Asian healing and movement arts for over 43 years, including: acupuncture, herbs, qigong, nei gung, tai chi, tao yoga, longevity breathing, tui na and other qigong practices. The last 8 years he has studied intensively with Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis. He is certified by Energy Arts in Opening the Energy Gates, Taoist Longevity Breathing, and Gods Playing the Clouds qigong. He is also a member of the National Qigong Association.

Previously he has served as an advisory board member for the educational holistic program at Everglades University and as an instructor for Chinese medical theory at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. He and his wife, Miki are the owners of White Crane Healing Arts Center in Broward County, Florida; where he presently teaches private qigong classes, weekly on-going classes and sees patients. Franks many years of experience as both student and teacher, along with his unique perspective and sensitivity as a healer, assists and guides patients and students towards the path of self discovery and healing.

Cooking Class (optional) –

On Saturday, there will be a mini cooking class with Miki Iborra. You’ll learn how to prepare a Congee, which is a traditional dish used therapeutically in China and other parts of the world. Congees are slow cooked grains, with or without added ingredients, that are easy to digest and highly nutritious. Simple to make, even for those that do not like to cook and also delicious . This will be a fun class in which you’ll receive informative tidbits related to diet, and also a congee package of Chinese food grade herbs with recipes to make your own congee at home.

Retreat Site Info

Our hosts for the weekend are Lee and Tescha Emerson. We’ve known Lee and Tescha a long time and can honestly say they are two of the most genuine and loving people we know. Their wisdom and knowledge is generously shared to help others evolve a greater awareness of the personal and planetary challenges we all face. Their beautiful 15 acre property in Mills Spring is located approximately 45-50 minutes south of Asheville and 30-35 minutes east of Hendersonville. There are gorgeous views and walking trails on the property. The quaint town of Chimney Rock and Lake Lure are less than a half hours drive; and there are waterfalls and numerous other sites and activities in the area. Western N. Carolina also has farmers markets, tailgate markets, farm tours and roadside stands throughout the region, where you can purchase farm fresh produce, honey, apple cider, home baked goods and a number of other items. Autumn also brings a brilliant show of color to the trees and forest and October should be perfect for viewing this display.


There is space for 20 individuals to stay at the retreat site. Lodging is dorm style and all linens will be provided (bed linens & towels). Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

***I have researched lodging in the area for anyone that prefers to stay elsewhere.  The Retreat Lodging List


The meal package includes 6 meals – Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner and Sunday breakfast & lunch. Meals will be prepared by Tescha using organic & nutrient dense ingredients, unrefined whole grains and unrefined sugars. Food with the detail to this quality is difficult to find outside your own kitchen (maybe not even in your own kitchen).

Snacks will be provided courtesy of White Crane & also the I Ching Oracle

Saturday Evening Group Gathering

Exact content not decided, but it may include entertainment, a movie, I Ching instruction, meditation, discussion or some combination of the above. If anyone plays an instrument, feel free to bring it along.

The Retreat begins at 4:00 pm on Friday and ends at 3:00 pm Sunday. You should plan to arrive no later than 3:00 pm Friday.

Transportation – Closest airports:

  1. Asheville Regional – 30 miles (north of retreat site)

  2. Greenville-Spartanburg – 39 miles (south of retreat site)

  3. Charlotte Douglas – about a 3-4 hour drive (northeast of retreat site)

Allegiantair airlines flies into Asheville Regional and Greenville-Spartanburg and is quite reasonable. They do, however, have limited flights, so if you plan to fly with them, you need to book asap.

Those traveling from South Florida may want to share a car rental. We will set up a forum for retreat participants to communicate on-line.

To Register:  Click here   –  For more information you can contact us via our contact page or call Miki at 954-721-7252


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