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The Interplay of the Extraordinary Vessels with Nei Gung Qigong

The next Sunday class series will introduce the paradigm of non-somatic extraordinary vessels. “Non-somatic is used to describe what is usually referred to as psychological, mental, intellectual, psychic, emotional, spiritual, religious, metaphysical or nonmaterial. ”  NSEV (non-somatic extraordinary vessels) is an organizing system of our most original and authentic primordial self which observes our most fundamental functioning as human beings.  The primordial self is our original nature prior to modern hectic life which fragments our connection to the deep spiritual source.

Without this source connection, we can feel empty and insecure.  Unhealthy habits and patterns confuse our values which can make us insensitive to our internal workings and essential nature.  Our personal world can feel in disarray unless we can renew our inspiration to  reconnect to our unlimited potential as human beings.

Qigong cultivation provides skills for the process of reconnecting.  This series will explore several nei gung practices that correlate and integrate nei gung principles with the extraordinary vessels.  Practices include: Taoist longevity breathing, standing, using circles as moving mandalas and much more.

This is an opportunity for beginners to learn cultivation tools that will help to develop a new understanding of your energetic origins.

Those with experience of the extraordinary vessels will explore how to embody the vessels to awaken to your full potential.

For those that want to explore the vessels by self treatment, I will provide instruction about using magnets and chords.

Sunday Class Dates: Nov. 8th – Nov. 15th – Nov. 22nd – Nov. 29th Dec. 6th – Dec.13th – Dec. 20th.

Time:  10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Cost:  $25.00 individuals     $40.00 couples

You can take a single class or any number of classes in the series. Each class will give you something to apply immediately to your own practice.

Registration & Info:  954-721-7252


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