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The Rhythm of Stillness

An integrated body and mind is a naturally healthy space.  Navigating from this space enhances experiences and interactions with everyone and everything.  Many of the activities we choose to spend time on daily can have the opposite effect.  Dis-intergration results in scattered thoughts, feelings, accomplishments and dreams. Furthermore, it affects how we move our physical bodies; and over an extended period of time, it deeply affects the nervous system.

The Chinese understood that every part contained the whole; and that every part could only be understood within the context of the whole.  When practicing the art of tai chi chuan or any other body mind art, one begins by experiencing the various parts of our being at play, bringing into our awareness, the tensions in our body, the quality of our breathing, the sense of our nervous system, the motion of our mind and many other components of body mind interactions.

As the process of feeling our way into reality grows and matures, a deeper transformation occurs.  We begin to enter into deeper spaces of quiet and eventually emptiness.  We dance between the world of yin and yang and the whole of emptiness. Some call this body-mind harmony.   I like to call this the rhythm of stillness.

Good Journey, Frank

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