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Welcoming the Light!

Greetings All,

The winter solstice was yesterday and we are greatly looking forward to the light growing and returning on many levels.  Following is a story about an event from October, but we also wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a warm and meaningful holiday season. 

In October, Miki and I along with several friends attended the first regional seed swap in Asheville, NC.  This event was organized as a seed exchange for farmers and gardeners that save heirloom seeds. 

Heirloom seeds are old time varieties that are handed down through generations of families, and unlike hybrid seeds, which are two or more varieties combined, they are open pollinated and hybrid seeds, are also bred to ship well, have a uniform appearance and sell in the supermarket.  Heirloom seeds are uniquely beautiful, more nutritious and taste incredible.  When was the last time you ate a tomato for a snack?

As the seed swap event unfolded, we all formed a circle in the center of the room.  The inside of the circle was filled with colorful fall foliage, that created a beautiful display. We gathered outside the circle, as many of the participants began to share personal stories, myths and legends about families that have collected seeds to be carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation. 

To our great delight, one of the story tellers was Dr. Vondona Shiva, from India.  She is a world renown biodiversity activist and one of our heroes.  As the stories were being told, we also passed around some rustic earth food and seeds to be tasted, smelled and saved. 

At this event the world of plants and the world of people merged together in a tapestry of memory and interconnectedness that was music to my soul.  This is a movement worthy of joining.  Miki and I have fallen in love with seed saving from our own garden and see this as one of the ways to help future generations.  The depth of meaning revealed to me within this process of seed saving makes gathering seeds from my vegetable garden one of my greatest joys.  Anyone can be a part of this process.

Enjoy the Journey!

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